We’ve talked a lot about our new Visual Novel Game, ‘The Adventures of the Rosalind Franklin’. We’ve given little teasers about the plot but not really the big picture or much detail on the plot.

The game is the continuation of the story from our mega-adventure, ‘Beyond the Open Door’. If you remember that story had the player’s teaming up with Cybil Mar to thwart a conspiracy within the OSS to wipe out all the natural mutants on Terra/Sol created by the E. Ex. Goblinus virus. A virus specific to Terra/Sol which induced mutations in some humans.

At the beginning of ‘The Adventures of the Rosalind Franklin’ Cybil shows up fleeing from the aftermath of her actions, the OSS in hot pursuit with lethal intent.

As keen followers of the Twilight Sector setting will note the ship in our adventure, The Rosalind Franklin, was first detailed in our supplement; Shipbook Miriador. It is a scientific research vessel with a unique setup and some very interesting characters. Talia Mason the owner is prime amongst these.

The story of the visual novel will follow the player. The Player will actually be playing two characters known by us as the Male Main Character (MMC) and the Female Main Character (FMC). Both the MMC and the FMC are new hires to the crew of the Franklin. They will be swept up in the story initiated by Cybil fleeing for her life from the OSS and her former Boss, Director Adams. While the OSS and Director Adams are up to their necks in the scandal created when Cybil outed their evil plot in ‘Beyond the Open Door’, they are still firmly committed to revenge against Cybil. Someone they consider a traitor.

The prologue details the hiring of the Main Characters gives us some of their background and introduces us to Cybil in all her kick-ass glory. We quickly discover in Chapter 1 that the Franklin is on her way to Helix to pick up some equipment and a few more scientists for a Currie Pharmaceuticals sponsored expedition to Sologne.

Cybil realizes she will be pursued by Director Adams and must make plans to disappear. How she will accomplish that is our story to tell.

As always please feel to contact us with any comments or questions. Talk to you soon.

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