Cybil Mar has been an iconic figure in the Twilight Sector from its origins it’s no wonder that I wanted a way to share her backstory. I came up with the idea of doing a comic book. I wrote a script and commissioned the art for the project from the very Talented Rich Hershey who is now at Fat Goblin Games.

So the comic was completed and has set on my hard drive for a number of years now. Why? Eh…can’t say as I have a good reason. Any reason really it has just sort of slipped through the cracks. But now! Well good news. I will be posting the pages here on the Terra/Sol Games website. We’ll be releasing them one or two at a time (to keep you coming back after all ; ).

Please feel free to offer comments. You’ll soon have the full story on how Cybil ended up with the OSS. Talk to you soon.

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