So, you’re new to the Twilight Sector, eh? You stepped off the Mistress of Orion and into the Gateway at Terra/Sol and you’re wondering if you want to check the place out further. Well, we here at Terra/Sol Games may have the answer. In our first official Setting Update, we bring you a freeguide to our universe drawn from the material in the Setting Book and some of our online free downloads, put together in a convenient book form. The Galactic Timeline maps humanity’s journey through the next millennium. The Stellar Nations gives you a succinct feel for the political climate, some color and smells if you will. A few other tidbits have been added, such as a brief sketch of the Transluminal drive and Character Generation alternate rules, to whet your appetite for some of our upcoming releases. The Alpha Update includes input from our Insider Forum and our blog from the past year. By popular demand we have also added free adventures! Send us your players, your friends and other interested parties to our website at to download Setting Update Alpha.

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