Sailors Feared Lost

A wind powered vessel the Red Sunset, with two men on board is overdue into Ascension Island in the South Atlantic. The two men identified as Humberto Diaz and Marcus Smithy, were attempting an around the world voyage. They were due to arrive in on Ascension two days ago and authorities have been unable to contact them and an over-flight failed to locate their vessel. They have now been officially declared missing. Ascension Island, Terra/Sol, Star of the Plains, 6/27/2991


The Red Sunset the target of a massive search effort was found adrift off Ascension Island today. No sign of either Humberto Diaz or Marcus Smithy the individuals who were manning the vessel was found. It is now being towed to port where authorities are expected to examine it for clues as to the whereabouts of the sailors. Ascension Island, Terra/Sol, Star of the Plains, 6/29/2991


Two men Humberto Diaz and Marcus Smithy are trying to sail around the world. The adventure gets started when the players discover the men’s sailboat, the Red Sunset adrift and unoccupied in the South Atlantic. Ostensibly this is a bucket list adventure for the two men. For adventure purposes we need to make it something more. Our options are;

1) The two are wealthy business executives for whom this trip is at it seems but a kidnapping ring has used this opportunity to snatch them and they are being held for ransom.

I) The Players could be hired as trouble shooters to deliver the cash.

II) The Players could be law enforcement brought in the investigate.

III) The players could be part of a search and rescue team that stumbles on the situation.

1a) For I & II setting the exchange scene in a seedy area of an African city (Goodhope, a city located roughly were Cape Town is on Earth is a good option.). If the players are trouble shooters have the police get wind of things and show up and the Players will need to think on their feet and get the hostages out. If they are law enforcement they’ll need to figure out how to assault the place and save the hostages.

2) The two men are researchers for a defense contractor and have a lot of information about a new autonomous laser platform that is being designed. They have been snatched by either a rival corporation or a rival nation. The Archenar People’s Republic is always a good option. The players need to track down where the men have been taken (don’t be afraid to have them being whisked off planet (A scenario where a scout ship waylays the sailboat and heads directly to space after the kidnapping is a good one.). The players task will be to quickly pick up the trail of our kidnappers and track them down because as soon as the kidnappers get the info they need the men are as good as dead.

Note that these NPCs have been created using a modified version of Johnn Four’s 3 line NPCs. They are not stated out, it really isn’t necessary in most cases. If the need arises it is easy to assign pertinent skills to an NPC. For example you can assume that a Law Enforcement Officer would have weapons training and most likely have some skill in unarmed combat. Beyond handling the task at hand knowing that an NPC has Science: Botany (I know that’s not a real skill ; ) isn’t really important. What’s important is knowing quickly how to present a character and understand their motivations. Hence the three line method is used.


Li Pong (Kidnapper)

What you see: A small man with gleaming eyes who seems to always have a vacant smile on his face. He is dressed in a skin tight body suit with an equipment belt that includes a prominent gauss pistol.

What they think: A member of criminal organization this is Li’s first operation in charge of a new crew. He’s green and nervous. He will constantly calculate what is his best option and is willing to risk other’s lives but not his own.

What could happen: If the operation starts to go south he may try and negotiate his way out. If it turns violent he will position his crew to do the most damage while he works out an escape route.

Horteniz Gruenwald (Spy)

What you see: A tall, painfully thin chain smoking women who moves nervously. She is wearing a skin tight body suit with an equipment belt that includes a prominent gauss pistol.

What they think: She’s a deep cover plant who has been in the Orion Confederation for over a decade. She is committed to her mother country (the APR) but living a lie for this long has taken a physiological toll on her and the stress of this mission could set her off.

What could happen: She could freak out and kill the hostages or try and kill the players if not handled with kid gloves.

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