Clean Up (Near Terra Orbit Debris Threads)


NTO Debris Contract


Near Terra Orbit Command has issued a call for bids to clean up orbital debris in the North Atlantic and Canadian Arctic orbital zones. Orbital debris has built up to dangerous levels in several orbital zones according to the Orbital Pilots Union and the Governor has called on NTO Command to take action. London, Terra/Sol, Star of the Plains 5/26/2991


Near Terra Orbit is a mess. Orbital debris has been piling up since 2836 with little to nothing being done about it. It now posses a real hazard to navigation and a real opportunity for salvage and adventure.

Introducing the Adventure to the Players:

Cleaning up NTO debris is well suited to players with some space skills and maybe even a small ship of some sort.

1) If the players have a ship they are offered a chance to do some work cleaning up debris (either contacted by friends or they see an advertisement looking for independent ship owners)

2) The players are contacted by a friend or see an employment ad looking for people to crew a ship doing some cleanup work.

Adventure Scenes

1) The players have the chance to sort out some salvage as they work. For collecting debris use a task chain something like this; Identify debris object, maneuver to debris object, grapple debris object, secure debris object, examine debris object. Each step in the task chain should take at least an hour. For most objects you should assign the chance of salvage value at 10+ on 2d6 and a value of 100 to 600 credits. You could allow a roll of 12 to have greater value, say 1,000 to 6,000 credits. You might also allow for greater chances of identifying salvage if the players can convince you they have a skill that should be taken into consideration. For example they might argue that their trade skill would be helpful or they might say they are using investigate to thoroughly check out each piece of debris for salvage value.

2) Complication – After latching onto a piece of debris they discover that it contains unexploded ordinance from the war. Now they must defuse the warhead or they could be in a world of hurt.

3) Complication – In a large debris field the players discover a pressurized cargo container. If they investigate, inside they find a person who looks rather small. Turns out is a runaway kid who has a bunch of food stores and oxygen. When the kid is discovered by the players he tries to make a run for it (perhaps he has a space cycle). The story behind the kid being here is left to the referee.

4) Complication – Similar to #3 but the container contains a number of wanted criminals hiding out from the law here. Have enough to offer the players a challenge. To make it even more interesting you could have the criminals cohorts show up in a ship to add to the party!

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