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Old Order Amish Lose Lands

Over 50,000 acres of land near Lewisburg Pennsylvania in the Eastern Federal Republic were seized today via an Eminent Domain petition by the Republics Attorney General. The land was originally settled by Old Order Amish. The EFR however sought the land in the name of the public interest claiming the land was being used inefficiently and new development proposals were in the best interest of the EFR. Lewisburg, Eastern Federal Republic, Terra/Sol, Star of the Plains 5/24/2991


Sources close to the Lewisburg Amish say they are looking at all options in light of the recent Eminent Domain seizure of their land. They are reportedly looking at all options up to and including immigration off Terra/Sol. Using a starship which would be necessary to leave Terra/Sol is always an extreme move for the Amish. One destination that has been mentioned is Dorlass. Lewisburg, Eastern Federal Republic, Terra/Sol, Star of the Plains, 6/3/2991


At several regular Sunday church meetings in the Lewisburg area the Amish community who have had their land seized in Eminent Domain proceedings have voted to emigrate to the Republic of the Plains. Confidential sources have told us that President Helmsly was apoplectic when he heard the news, shouting and throwing things in his White House office.  Lewisburg, Eastern Federal Republic, Terra/Sol, Star of the Plains, 6/5/2991


Old Order Amish have been forced from their homesteads in the Eastern Federal Republic. They have begun a trek to the west in search of a new place to live via the only means their religion will allow, by wagon. The EFR however is facing a public relations debacle over this and so have sought to spin the reasons for the eviction and whip up public sentiment in the EFR against the Amish.

There plan has worked to well and now the slow moving Amish wagon train is being harassed at every turn. That’s where the players come in!

Introducing the Adventure to the Players:

The players could become involved in the adventure in a number of ways.

1) They could be hired by a relative of someone in the train or a concerned humanitarian organization to provide some security for the wagon train.

2) They themselves might have a relative who is Old Order Amish. If the players are from the ROP this might not be much of a stretch. The ROP was founded by Mennonites who share much common ground with the Amish. Perhaps distant relatives are in trouble and Mom and Dad appeal to you and your friends to help.

Adventure Scenes:

1) When the players first arrive at the wagon train the local sheriff or law enforcement officer and a bunch of newly deputized people show up and begin to harass them and shakedown the Amish. The players challenge will be to finesse this situation to keep themselves out of jail and help the Amish keep their possessions.

2) A gang of toughs, drunk and hyped up by their government’s propaganda show up spoiling for a fight. This would be a good combat chance but it can’t get out of hand or the authorities will become involved, perhaps arresting players.

3) A 30th century super highway is no place for a wagon train and as such the Amish have been forced into taking back roads. Unfortunately the wagon train is coming to a minor river but there isn’t a bridge across it within 30 miles. Grav cars don’t need a bridge after all. Can the players come up with a way across the river that the technologically adverse Amish can live with?

4) A criminal biker gang has robbed one of the Amish leaders of his gold. The Amish like to keep much of their wealth in hard currency and that is what this leader had done. The gang didn’t much care about covering their tracks thinking the Amish wouldn’t do anything about the theft and the government wouldn’t put any credence into their claims. Can the players break into the gang’s headquarters and get the money back. This would be a good full on combat scene as the local police probably don’t mind if the players do their dirty work for them.


Note that these NPCs have been created using a modified version of Johnn Four’s 3 line NPCs. I have stated out a couple of these to let you see them but it really isn’t necessary in most cases. If the need arises it is easy to assign pertinent skills to an NPC. For example you can assume that a Sheriff would have weapons training and most likely have some skill in unarmed combat.

Sherriff Calvin Hummel:

What you see: An impeccably attired Sherriff, sporting mirrored aviator glasses and a Smokey Bear hat directing people with a stern intensity.

What they think: He’s ready for his closeup! This is Cal’s chance to shine in front of a national/international audience. If he’s efficient and brutal enough perhaps the higher ups in Washington will take notice and get him out of this backwater.

What could happen: He won’t take kindly to anyone helping the Amish and could look to make an example out of the players if they get in his way.

Sherriff’s Deputy Holbarth Lengacher:

What you see: A middle aged (is he really old or not taking his anagathics?) looking pudgy man, wearing a coffee stained Sherriff’s uniform with a disgusted look on his face.

What they think: Bart as he likes to be called is actually ex-Amish. His look of disgust directed at the protesters and this whole situation. He has rejected the Amish way of life and isn’t happy that he was shunned because of it but is sympathetic towards the Amish none the less.

What could happen: The Deputy is looking for a way around this little disaster playing out in his neck of the woods and might use the players to help him by moving the Amish along quickly or have them provoke the biggest trouble maker so he can arrest him and get things calmed down.

Salvadore (Sal) Urbanski (Temporary Deputy)

What you see: A skinny man in jeans wearing an ill fitting deputy’s shirt. His eyes are near gleaming with excitement.

What they think: This is cool. I get to harrass these idiots who are making us look like bigoted hicks.

What could happen: He could easily get bossy with and start pushing around players if he perceives them as sympathetic to the Amish.

Samuel Buzinski (Protester)

S: 7 D: 5 End: 9 (+1) I: 10 (+1) Ed: 8 SS: 7

Skills: Admin 1, Art (Singing) 0, Carouse 1, Computers 2, Flyer (Grav) 0, Research* 1

Equipment: Protest Sign (Good Riddance!), Bottle of Water, 2 Protein Bars

Description: (Using Johnn Four’s 3 Line NPC Method)

What you see: An average guy wearing an oversized t-shirt and shorts he has unkempt hair and facial stubble his jaw is clinched Jaw when he’s not yelling and waving his sign.

What they think: He’s a true EFR loyalist and an angry person who’s taking out anger on the Amish. He also has a crush on Isabelle.

What could happen: Wants the Amish exposed because he thinks it’s impossible for them to have anything but a political agenda and he’s somewhat belligerent in stating his position.

Isabelle Ostrada (Protester)

S: 7 D: 11 (+1) End: 9 (+1) I: 11 (+1) Ed: 11 (+1) SS: 12(+2)

Skills: Admin 0, Animals (Ride) 2, Art (Guitar) 1, Carouse 3, Computers 0, Diplomat 1, Flyer (Grav) 2, Investigate 1, Remote Operations 0

Equipment: Protest Sign (Simply Dumb), Bottle of Water, Tiny Security Drone (S: 2 (-2), Hull 1, Structure 1, Can deliver a 2d6 shock on a melee attack [Melee 1])


What you see: She looks casual (pony tail, cheap clothes) but her outfit is coordinated and kind of stylish in an “I don’t give a damn” way. The odd thing though is she is wearing perfectly applied make up.

What they think: It’s all a lark to her, she thinks Sam fawning over her is funny, she thinks the Amish are dumb but could really care less about this protest, it’s just an excuse for a party. She’s kind of vain and vindictive.

What could happen: She’s the daughter of a rich family, she will push the edge mocking the Amish and action against her could get her security drone involved and eventually her powerful family.

*See Starfarer’s Gazette #1, Average Joes pg 69

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