I made a promise to myself and to any of you who follow Terra/Sol Games that I would attempt to emulate the transparency of the folks over at Evil Hat. One of the ways to do that is to give you sales information. I’ve been quite lax on that so I thought I’d start to correct that a little. The following totals are sales to date (End of May 2013). Breaking them down into neat yearly numbers and such is a little much to ask of a guy who keeps his sales numbers on sticky notes ; ) so these numbers are lifetime sales numbers for each product. Please don’t laugh at our numbers, we’re a small company and hoping to grow over time.

Ancient Trails: So it Begins – 3,348

Ancient Trails: So it Begins Audio – 2,761

Ancient Trails: So it Begins Bundle – 1,560

Ancient Trails: Witness to History – 673

Ancient Trails: Witness to History Audio – 485

Into the Star – 2,316

Beyond the Open Door – 222

Beyond the Open Door Audio -978

Netherell – 97

Netherell, The Beast of Karridan’s Hollow – 16

Setting Update #1 – 153

Setting Update Alpha – 1,007

Setting Update Beta – 59

Shipbook Mirador – 118

Six Guns: Gauss Weapons – 163

Six Guns: Rescue Organizations – 56

Somnium Mundus – 2,552

Somnium Mundus  Audio – 2,006

Somnium Mundus Tile Set – 2,207

Somnium Mundus  Bundle – 1,265

Starfarer’s Gazette #1 – 272

Starfarer’s Gazette #2 – 35

Tinker, Spacer, Psion, Spy – 136

Twilight Sector Atlas – 21

Twilight Sector Campaign Setting Sourcebook – 485

Pretty easy to see which are the free products ; ). Still it’s good that we are getting sampled by a lot of folks who hopefully will become customers and/or help us spread the word about the Twilight Sector product line.

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