Terra/Sol started as a tabletop game company. Our product was and is ‘The Twilight Sector Campaign Setting’. Without sacrificing our tabletop origins we have now moved into electronic games. But that’s another post. Today we’re talking tabletop.

In 2009 when I made the decision to turn my long running ‘Alternity’ science fiction campaign into a campaign setting I cast about for a rules set for it. I would have loved to publish the campaign with the ‘Alternity’ rules but alas Wizards of the Coast and their corporate masters would have none of that even though they had shelved the game. They wanted no one to publish a commercial setting with their rules set and I needed to publish a commercial setting to support the quality level I had planned and we subsequently executed for the setting.

At around that same time ‘Mongoose’ offered their version of the ‘Traveller’ rules set under the ‘Open Game License’ and a ‘Logo License’. The venerable but updated rules set with its science fiction street cred seemed to be just the thing for our nascent campaign setting. So off we went. Publishing somewhere around 20 books under the ‘Mongoose Traveller’ banner. But as many of you know with the 2nd edition of Mongoose Traveller, the logo license changed and became unacceptable to many third party publishers, Terra/Sol LLC included.

I originally decided that we would create our own set of rules based on the OGL version of the Traveller rules. We may still do that at some point, but in the process of creating the Terra/Core rules I discovered that rules bore me. I’m not saying they aren’t important to a tabletop rpg. I’m saying I personally would rather create story and setting than create rules.

All that being said our setting still needs a rules home. Fortunately Terra/Sol has always had a good relationship with the folks at Pinnacle. To add to that I am fortunate to count William Reger among my friends. Bill and I have been acquainted for better than 30 years. Some of the best role playing games I have ever participated in were GM’ed by Bill and if you ever have a chance to game with him I highly recommend it. Bill is an accomplished Savage Worlds author and has agreed to do a Savage Worlds Version of the Twilight Sector Campaign Setting book for us. So that’s the big take away from this post. We will be shortly publishing a Savage Worlds version of the Twilight Sector.

As always if you have any questions or comments please drop us a line. Talk to you soon.

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