Amalgamated News Service is an idea we have kicked around at Terra/Sol for a long time. We even had an aborted launch. The service had its own website and everything. The original concept was to make the Twilight Sector Setting have a living breathing feel by having daily (real world daily) news updates for the setting. I still thinks it’s one of the most awesome and ambitious ideas we have come up with for the setting.

However unless you want Amalgamated News to be the only thing we do, doing daily updates is too much to keep up with for us. But I think the concept could still serve us well.

So in the next few weeks we’ll be relaunching Amalgamated News Service on this website. The time line of Amalgamated News will be tied to our Visual Novel Games like the Adventures of the Rosalind Franklin. The news will be updated to coincide with the timeline of those games which quite conveniently we will present in a linear fashion. See what we did there!

In this fashion the Twilight Sector will have a living, breathing feel while doing so at a pace that we as game creators and referees of the setting can keep up with and use to tell our stories.

I’m once again very much looking forward to Amalgamated News and I hope you’ll be as well.

Talk to you soon.

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