Joint Mission Announced

A joint mission between the Orion Confederation, Terran Union and the Union of United Planets will attempt to look back in time to determine the origins of Terra/Sol. The project, announced on Earth will send a mobile observatory to a position far enough distant from the Terra/Sol system to detect light emitted by the star at least 1,000 years ago. This is expected to take the mission far into unexplored space.

Estimated cost for the mission is 1.68 trillion credits. The mission will

involve the use of at least one Dreadnought, The President James which will be provided by the UUP. The Dreadnought will depart UUP space directly opposite Terra/Sol and continue into unknown space. Earth, Terran Union, Galactic News Service, 5/14/2991

UUP Dreadnaught President James

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