Interstellar Incident

An Interstellar incident was touched off when the private yacht Daddy’s Pride strayed off course into Mauryan Empire space and is now being held by Mauryan authorities under espionage charges. The yacht reportedly only had two passengers: Myron George, CEO of Apollo AeroSpace, one of the largest shipbuilders in Terran Space, and a second individual who remains unidentified as of this report.

This is only the latest round of saber rattling by the Empire. Two months ago an Empire patrol attacked and destroyed a system defense boat in the Anroy system well within Terran Union Space.

Despite deep philosophical differences the Oster Republic has repeatedly defended the Mauryan Empire even threatening military action if the Terran Union should use force to respond to Mauryan encroachments. The Empire has been accused of gross human rights abuses by the Terrans which has led to the current state of tension and occasional raiding along the two nation’s common border. The Oster Republic has supported the Mauryan position that Terran accusations amount to interference in Mauryan internal politics. Off the record several Terran diplomats accuse the Oster Republic of cynicism stating “the only common ground the two nations possess is their opposition to anything Terran.” Mauryan Empire, Galactic News Service, 3/3/2991

Stock Photo: Newport News Model 7 Personal Yacht

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