Well after neglecting our website for pretty much its whole existence, Terra/Sol games is making a pivot. This will be good news for the website.

Our pivot involves moving to the Patreon business model. Going forward we will put our focus into creating and distributing our products through our Patreon site.

Most of our products will now be hosted on this website. Some will be behind a sign-in accessible through our Patreon. Others, as has always been our tradition, will available for free.

In addition we are now creating electronic products set in our Twilight Sector Campaign Setting. The first of these is already out and the prologue is available for free at our Patreon. It is a Visual Novel Game; The Adventures of the Rosalind Franklin. Additional electronic games will be available soon as well as more table top RPG products. An exciting new announcement on that front will be forthcoming soon.

As always please feel to contact us with any comments or questions. Talk to you soon.

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